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City of Blainville recognizes merits of its police

Create: 05/28/2015 - 22:31
First row: Guy Frigon (councillor for Plan-Bouchard district), Richard Perreault (mayor of Blainville), Alexandre Poce (councillor for Alençon), Alain Portelance (councillor for Côte-Saint-Louis) and Nicole Ruel (councillor for Chante-Bois). Row two: From the police department, Sylvain Dugas, Yves Tessier, Jenny Boudreault, Linda Ouimet, Joey Turgeon and Richard Tremblay.

The City of Blainville Police Department in conjunction with the police officers’ association recently held a recognition evening to publicly swear in new police officers while awarding promotions and special honors to certain police officers.

Police week event  
The event coincided with Police Week organized each year by the Quebec Ministry of Public Security. It was held in the presence of Mayor Richard Perreault, as well as Guy Frigon and Alexandre Poce, the president and vice-president of the city’s security commission respectively.
Police director Linda Ouimet awarded the Police Medal for distinguished service, from the Governor General of Canada, to three members of the Blainville police force with 20 or 30 years of exceptional service: officer Simon Fraser, Captain Sylvain Dugas and Inspector Richard Tremblay.

Honoring exemplary service  
The awarding of this medal isn’t only to recognize years of service, but also the honor and acknowledge the merit of those receiving it. Only those without any disciplinary action against them and whose career conduct was exemplary are eligible to receive it.  
The Canadian Peacekeeping Medal was also awarded to officers Olivier Parent and David Turcotte-Thibeault for their participation for a year in a United Nations mission to restore  order in Haiti. The police force also awarded two honorable mentions to five persons in  recognition of their years of work improving the Blainville police service.



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