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Construction proceeds in Deux-Montagnes on 28th Ave. lot

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Deux-Montagnes mayor Denis Martin has done what no mayor was able to accomplish in the eight years prior to his taking office: he appears to have finally resolved an almost decade-long conflict that set homeowners near 28th Ave and Oka Rd. against a property developer and the city over the future of a large vacant lot.
A controversial project
On March 24, a special meeting of Deux-Montagnes city council was held to pass a minor derogation to move a parking area for a residential development on the property a little closer to Oka Rd. in accordance with the expressed wishes of nearby residents.
Two homeowners who had been deeply involved in the issue, Monique Lauzon and Peter Largie, attended the meeting, although neither expressed opposition to the derogation motion during question period. Going back as much as 10 years ago, residents of 28th, Lakebreeze and other nearby street had grown increasingly vocal in their objections to plans by Gestion Benoit Dumoulin to build housing on the property.
Lawsuit at one point
When the former administration rejected GBD’s plans, the company launched a lawsuit against the city which was later resolved to most people’s satisfaction. Over the years, the lot underwent a series of re-zonings that sought to respond to nearby residents’ wants and needs while seeking at the same time to satisfy the developer.
Asked whether he thought the situation had finally reached a satisfactory conclusion, Mayor Denis Martin said in an interview with the North Shore News earlier this week, “I would say so,” while adding that the final plan calls for six condo units by the side of Oka Rd. and eight single-family houses spread out and stretching back across the property all the way to the edge of Lake of Two Mountains.
CMM rules enforced
In the end, according to the mayor, it was an authority beyond the City of Deux-Montagnes that largely ended up settling the matter. Several years ago, the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM)’s master plan for urban development in the greater Montreal region obliged municipalities to adopt plans for new development which densify urban layout.
The minimum amount of housing required by the CMM for the lot in question was 14 units. If anybody had a problem with that, there wasn’t much if anything that the City of Deux-Montagnes could do. All the same, the mayor insisted, “I think everybody’s happy with the minimum which is respecting surrounding neighbours. It’s a good conclusion.”
Condos ready in July
As for the time frame for construction, according to Mayor Martin the condos along Oka Rd. are set to be completed and occupied by July 1. As for the single-family homes further inside the lot, they’re set to be completed when the sub-divided properties are sold by GBD.
“We’re happy that this is concluded,” added the mayor. He said part of the reason everything got sorted out properly was the application of diplomacy. “We discussed with the entrepreneur at the same time as with the residents to try to negotiate. The city now gains from seeing a beautiful lot developed which adds value to our tax base. The developer is also happy and the residents are too because the project is preserving the view of the lake.”

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