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Hundreds come out for Deux-Montagnes’ Horticultural Day

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If you’re a resident of the City of Deux-Montagnes with a fondness for colorful petals and green leaves, the place to be on Saturday May 28 was at the public works garage at the top of 20th Avenue.
There, elected officials were on hand, with the assistance of volunteers and city employees, to give out hundreds of shrubs and plants the better to beautify the municipality.
Early bird special
During the city’s 11th annual Horticultural Day, the North Shore News (not being much of an early riser, burning the candle at both ends into the night as we frequently do), got there by late morning, which was a few hours after the early birds had gotten the worm, as they say.
All the same, free for the asking for anyone who could prove residency were annual flowers and perennial plants, young tree shoots and gardening advice from experts.
Councillors’ greetings
“We haven’t done the count yet, but there’s been several hundred people through already,” said du Coteau district councillor Michel Mendes who helped orient arriving residents along with his colleagues. “This morning there were people waiting outside well before 9 o’clock when we opened,” he added.
“An event like this helps to beautify Deux-Montagnes while bringing the people together,” said Mayor Denis Martin. “This morning, people who haven’t seen each other for a long time have been chatting. At the same time, this is giving us a chance to promote our activities for the summer. We have a lot of things happening and we want people to know about them.”
Taking home some green
Among those who took advantage of the offer were Elizabeth Powell and her friend Julie Rekunyk. “I used to come, but haven’t been here for this in the last few years, and this is a nice offer from the city,” Powell told us. Like the others, she would leave with a few potted plants which would be taking up residency on her property.
Again this year, the Caisse Desjardins Saint-Eustache/Deux-Montagnes offered some generous financial support as a senior partner in Horticultural Day. The City was also pleased that it was able to count on the collaboration of many volunteers, including the Scouts Coalition of Grand-Moulin (5th group) and representatives of the Deux-Montagnes Lions’ Club.
Free planting advice
Also, for citizens who have a green thumb or simply have an interest in gardening, the city is extending an invitation to them to visit the Deux-Montagnes website (http://www.ville.deux-montagnes.qc.ca/) for some general gardening tips (although they are available in French only). And if you enjoy beautiful landscaping and would like to get involved  this summer in the City of Deux-Montagnes’ Beautification Committee, you are also invited to contact the Horticulture Department at 450 473-4688 ext. 31.
On Saturday June 11 the city will be holding another significant and very local community event: the second annual Fête des Voisins, which is taking place in various parks throughout Deux-Montagnes. While the mayor will be spending some time at each of the parks, the councillors will be present at parks in their districts throughout the day.

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