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Rivière-des-Mille-Îles MP Linda Lapointe opens new riding office

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A reception held by Liberal MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Linda Lapointe to mark the official opening of her new riding office in Boisbriand on March 15 was attended by several of her fellow Liberal MPs from the North Shore and Laval as well as by mayors and municipal councillors from nearby municipalities.
A happy gathering
Among those who turned up for a crowded late afternoon meet-and-greet were Thérèse-De Blainville Liberal MP Ramez Ayoub, Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif, Boisbriand mayor Marlène Cordato, Rosemère mayor Madeleine Leduc and Deux-Montagnes mayor Denis Martin with city councillor Manon Robitaille. Several members of the Kiryas Tosh Hasidic Jewish community from Boisbriand spent time at the gathering.
“I’m very happy that you’re all here tonight,” Lapointe told the merry crowd, while adding, “I’m learning English to be sure that everybody will listen to what I have to say. We worked very hard to prepare our offices for today and now they’re yours to come here and find support from the federal level. It might be for immigration, employment insurance or the Canada Revenue Agency. We’re here to help out.”
Speaks for Lower Laurentians
Lapointe said that when she’s in Ottawa, she speaks out on behalf of the Lower Laurentians region. “The Lower Laurentians have to be economically strong. If we want our whole community to function properly, it has to start with the economy. I’m very happy to see you all here and it moves me.”
Not long before the election last October, the riding of Rivière-des-Mille-Îles was reconfigured to take in new area to the east which included Rosemère for the first time. Lapointe said this accounted for part of the decision to locate the riding office in Boisbriand (it had previously been located in St-Eustache). At the same time, Lapointe has a longstanding relationship with the people of Boisbriand as the former president of the local business owners’ association.
Cordato with office location
Boisbriand mayor Cordato said: “We’re very happy to be here this evening. The MP’s riding office hasn’t always been so close to Boisbriand, which is why we consider it a privilege and an honour that the office is now within our community even though it’s accessible to everyone further away.
“To have it so close to home is very pleasing,” Cordato added. “We know that Linda has the issues of the region and the community at heart, not only for Boisbriand but also for Rosemère, St-Eustache and Deux-Montagnes. We’re very happy to be able to count on someone we know to help us defend dossiers which are federal. The community is here for Linda just as we know that she is here for us.”

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