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City of Rosemère becomes an ‘Age-Friendly Municipality’

Create: 05/03/2016 - 02:05

Rosemère’s mayor Madeleine Leduc announced last week that the town is becoming an Age-Friendly Municipality (AFM). First undertaken in 2014, the completed AFM process now seeks to adapt services and programs to encourage the active participation of senior citizens in Rosemère.
Town’s evolving needs
As Rosemère’s demographic profile has evolved considerably in recent years, the town reacted by updating its Family and Seniors Policy in response to the significant needs of two of its citizen groups: Rosemère’s families and its senior citizens.
According to Rosemère officials, the policy was developed in order to maintain and enhance, for the benefit of families and seniors, the Rosemère community’s outstanding living environment.
Focus on town’s seniors
“Integrating the AFM process in our policy clearly demonstrates the importance accorded to seniors in our community,” Leduc said during a press conference held at the municipal library on April 19. “In order to ensure that our practices effectively correspond to our citizens’ needs, the Town of Rosemère implemented a consultative process, which gave rise to a plan of action.”
Rosemère officials unveiled a new pamphlet recapping the highlights of the policy and a plan of action. Rappid+or Prevention Program, the plan resulting from the new policy, includes a set of actions and interventions involving the two targeted clienteles.
Program begins in May
Moreover, the Rappid+or Program, which seeks to promote a safe and healthy living environment for residents 65 years of age and over, will be in operation as of the month of May. The program gives Rosemère senior citizens the opportunity to be visited by a team of volunteers who will assess their environment and recommend measures to ensure their safety by identifying, for example, risks of fire, falling and becoming victims of fraud.
As well, it may be recalled that last February the Town of Rosemère increased its offering of public transit for seniors 65 years of age and over. “These concrete measures, which demonstrate the town’s involvement with these two population groups, are fully consistent with the municipality’s values as they relate to these persons,” added Leduc.

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