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Rosemère mayor Madeleine Leduc contemplates running again

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Speaking to the North Shore News last week shortly before a welcoming ceremony for new Rosemère residents, Mayor Madeleine Leduc said that although she is waiting to finish the work left during her current term in office, she is thinking of running for mayor again in the November 2017 election.
Would seek a third term
First elected a member of council in a 2008 by-election, then as mayor in another by-election in 2012 following the resignation of former mayor Hélène Daneault, Leduc was re-elected mayor in the general municipal election in 2013, although she faced some tougher competition that time around.
In an apparent uprising involving some members of the town council, Councillor Pierre Roussel, a longtime council veteran who served under three previous mayors, was a front-runner among those seeking the mayoralty.
Roussel succeeded in persuading an incumbent council member, Normand Bleau, to join him as a running mate. Two other candidates, Sylvain Arsenault and Sam Scuccimarri, also ran for mayor in 2013, but finished poorly. Arsenault had previously run against Leduc for the council seat in 2008.
Meets the residents
During the event to welcome the new Rosemèrites (during which there was no mention at all of politics), refreshments were served and those attending had the opportunity to speak with and touch base with the mayor and members of town council. As well, each of the new residents was handed a gift sac with the Town of Rosemère logo, containing useful items and information on the town’s various services.
In a prepared speech, Mayor Leduc noted that since last year 212 new families have settled in Rosemère where the population stands at 14,400 and includes 5,000 households. “This event is a very nice tradition that town council continues,” she said.
She also noted that Rosemère also has a widespread reputation for private and public landscaping which earned the town a Five Flower award designation in the Fleurons du Québec municipal landscaping competition last November. Rosemère is only the third municipality to receive the prestigious and highly-sought honor.
Town’s summer activities
At the same time, Leduc pointed out that with the onset of summer vacation time, Rosemère’s culture, sports and library departments are offering a wide range of programs between during July and August designed with families in mind. Information on them is available in the recreation department’s brochure.
“I would also like to remind you that the Town of Rosemère will be going ahead with the implementation of a compostable materials collection starting next Sept. 12,” she continued. “This initiative is part of the environmental values of the town. You will see over the course of the summer the implementation of an information campaign to make residents more aware of the details of the collection.”
Leduc also reminded the newcomers that she meets all interested residents once each month on Saturdays when anyone with questions or complaints can bring them to her. “It will be a pleasure for one of the members of town council and myself to answer your questions,” she said, noting that the next such meeting before the summer holidays is on June 18.

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