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Update on RBC Jardins Rosemère branch closing

Create: 04/18/2016 - 20:49

After initially announcing that RBC’s Jardins Rosemère branch would be shutting permanently, the bank’s head office has made a concession: they now say an automated teller machine will continue operating at the location after June 3.
RBC to pay Taxibus fare
As well, according to RBC, the Town of Rosemère will be offering door-to-door Taxibus service to the RBC branch on Labelle Blvd. for senior citizens, with RBC reimbursing the $2 per round-trip cost for this service.
Denis Dubé, RBC’s director of media and public relations for Quebec, told the North Shore News this week that based on feedback the bank obtained from clients during a public meeting at the branch on March 22 that “we’re going to keep an ATM at the branch.
“It’s going to be a full ATM, so it’s going to be possible to make deposits or withdraw money,” he said. As well, according to Dubé, RBC has entered into an agreement with the Town of Rosemère to offer the subsidized Taxibus service to the bank’s customers.
Agreement with Rosemère
“We just got an agreement with Rosemère that RBC will be put on the list of businesses and services which are available on this service,” Dubé said. “And we decided also that we will be reimbursing customers. So if they go to the branch at Labelle/640, we will be reimbursing them the $2 so it will be free to come to the branch to do their banking.”
Dubé said that following the consultation meeting, RBC’s public relations staff made phone calls to many of the clients who were present at the consultation to inform them of the changes the bank agreed to, “and they were pleased about the way that RBC is handling the situation,” he insisted.
Adjusting to change
Diane Jacob, RBC’s regional vice-president for the Laval/Laurentians region, told the bank’s Jardins Rosemère clients during the consultation at the branch on Grande Côte Rd. on March 22 that the decision to close was largely the result of widespread conditions from which change has become the norm.
She maintained that up to 90 per cent of RBC’s current clients visit a branch less than three times per year because they do their banking by other means, and that even ATM use has dropped by 10 per cent in the past six years. According to Jacob, client traffic at Jardins Rosemère dropped by seven per cent per year in recent years while ATM transactions fell 43 per cent since 2008.
A recurring scenario
Over the years, RBC has dealt with a good number of similar situations involving full service branches that were shut and replaced in some cases with ATMs. However, it should be noted that the bank’s decisions are always based on the popularity and performance of services they provide as well as their viability. Based only on what can be seen at street level, even RBC ATMs eventually get shut down permanently regardless of protests by clients in the community.
Dubé acknowledged to the North Shore News that RBC has not agreed to keep the ATM in place at Jardins Rosemère permanently. “As you might understand it’s quite difficult for us to give a guarantee on how many years we’re going to keep the ATM – because we need a minimum of transactions at the ATM,” he said. “I think it would be unfair to tell you that we’re going to keep this ATM for many years. Going forward we will see what will be the response from customers. If they use it we will keep it.”

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