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Deux-Montagnes plays host to ringette tournament

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Alain Bélanger, who’s helped manage the Olympia since its beginnings in the mid-1990s, drops the first ring before the start of the National Ringette League’s match during the Deux-Montagnes Ringette Tournament on Jan. 9.

The 17th annual Deux-Montagnes Ringette Tournament, held on Jan. 9 at the Olympia, attracted teams of girls from many parts of central Quebec for a day of fun and competition that saw them engaging in the sport they love most.
Great for girls
“This tournament has been taking place for many years and it’s an activity that has always attracted a lot of young girls in Deux-Montagnes,” said Mayor Denis Martin who was a special guest during the afternoon along with several members of city council.
Martin was also a supporter of ringette in Deux-Montagnes long before he became mayor. As well, his teenage daughter has been participating in ringette activities since the age of five. “It’s a great sport and people should know more about it,” he said.
Teams from all over
According to tournament president Andrea David, who’s played ringette since the age of 10, ringette teams came from as far as Gatineau and Vaudreuil, as well as from Laval, Pointe Claire, Beaconsfield and Montreal North. More than 200 girls who are highly enthusiastic about the sport played, although there have been more participants at past tournaments.
In all, 11 teams participated. “This year we were in competition with another tournament, so we had to cancel some of our categories,” said Andrea David, the tournament’s president. “However, I was able to schedule exhibition games for the categories that I had to cancel. So everybody is getting a chance to participate in some way in this tournament.”
Ringette league match
A highlight of the day at 2 pm was a regular season game played by teams from the National Ringette League. According to David, it’s something local ringette fans looked forward to especially. Just before this, the mayor and city council members helped get the match started with the first ring’s drop.
At the same time, homage was paid to Alain Bélanger, who’s helped manage the Olympia since it was built during the mid-1990s and who is widely recognized by Deux-Montagnes residents as the biggest supporter of the Olympia.

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