from left to right: Jean Comtois, mayor of Lorraine, Diane D. Lavallée, municipal councillor, André Hamel, Lise and Caroline Pagé (Verger Richard Legault), Laurent Miville as well as Pierre Barrette, municipal councilor

The City of Lorraine held the 12th edition of its Crafts Fair from November 18 to 20. Nearly 2,050 visitors responded to the call, appreciating the talent of 43 exhibitors, artisans and authors, including 8 from Lorraine. The also municipality randomly gave to some lucky visitors 19 gift certificates worth $25 each. Those were redeemable at any kiosk.

During their visit, art lovers could vote for their “Coup de coeur” exhibitor. Here are the artisans who won over the public:


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  – 1st place: André Hamel, cabinetmaker;

  – 2nd position: Laurent Miville, from the Academy of Decorative Painting of Quebec;

  – 3rd position: Verger Richard Legault.

At the end of the event, the mayor of Lorraine praised the involvement of many volunteers: “The members of the municipal council join me in thanking all the volunteers, who have greatly contributed to the success and smooth running of the event: the members of the cultural committee, as well as a dozen students from secondary schools in the region. We also tip our hat to Isabel Moreau, responsible for organizing this flagship event in Lorraine, as well as to her colleagues from the Leisure and Culture Department. » said Jean Comtois