2023 budget: Deux-Montagnes is seeking to limit the effects of inflation

The 2023 budget of the City of Deux-Montagnes was adopted on December 19th 2022, by the members of the municipal council meeting in a special meeting. Although the financial year was drawn up in a particularly difficult economic context, it shows a responsible budget, achieving the objective of sound management of public finances according to the city’s announcement. Thus, it was announced that in 2023, the increase in the tax bill for a residence of average value will be 3.2%, or less than half of inflation.

Like other Quebec cities, the City of Deux-Montagnes has been suffering for several months now from the effects of the marked increase in the cost of living and the slowdown in residential construction. This situation has the effect of increasing the costs of financing and supplies necessary for the proper functioning of the services and activities provided to its citizens. For example, the costs for the purchase of chemicals for the water treatment plant have more than doubled and the costs of waste collection have also jumped. At the same time, we are witnessing a slowdown in private investment, thus limiting the influx of new income.


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“We are aware that the economic context greatly affects taxpayers, which has forced us to show the greatest rigor. Choices have been made to allow us to maintain the level of service that Deux-Montagnais are entitled to expect while respecting their ability to pay,” said Mayor Denis Martin.

Future investments

The City of Deux-Montagnes will invest, through its three-year capital plan, a historic amount in its infrastructure ($18M). This will include, among other things, the stormwater management project and the limitation of overflows, particularly during spring floods. Also, the noise barrier will be finalized, as well as the development of Centennial Park. It should be noted that the City obtained substantial provincial and federal grants (nearly $12M) to carry out these projects.

“For the municipal council, budget exercises are an opportunity to apply the principles of good governance, with the main objective of offering the people of Deux-Montagnes a sustainable living environment in which to live. I would like to thank the elected officials and the managers in place for the efforts made to design this budget which limits the pressure on households as much as possible,” concluded Mayor Martin.