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$28,500 for Blainville’s youth commission

Liza Poulin, Mayor of Blainville; Roxanda Mirzac, Nada Khedidem, Corinne Belley, Emmanuel Cormier, Audrey Daigneault and Gabriela Turmel, members of the Youth Commission and Mario Laframboise, MNA for Blainville and Chair of the Government Caucus

The Government of Quebec, through the Youth Secretariat, has awarded the City of Blainville a grant totaling $28 $500 for the realization of the 2021-2022 action plan of the youth commission.

This action plan, the result of a consultation conducted with residents aged between 18 and 35, revolves around six themes which are diversity and inclusion, the environment and urban planning, transport and mobility, civic and democratic participation, culture and leisure, and health and safety.


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“As young adults involved in our community, it is a real privilege to receive the support of the Government of Quebec. This mark of confidence will certainly contribute to the realization of our many projects which, we hope, will benefit all the citizens of Blainville”, declared the members of the youth commission, namely Corinne Belley, Audrey Daigneault, Nada Khedidem , Roxanda Mirzac, Gabriela Turmel and Emmanuel Cormier.

For Mayor Liza Poulin, the objectives pursued by the members of the Youth Commission fall within the priority fields of action of her administration. “Young people from the commission will be associated with our new environmental policy since they sit on the steering committee. They also contribute to reflection on diversity. They also guide us on sustainable mobility and active transportation. It is therefore with enthusiasm that the municipal council supports the initiatives of the youth commission and I thank the government of Quebec for supporting it in such a good way,” said the mayor.

2021-2022 action

The Youth Commission’s action plan therefore includes six themes that include positions, recommendations and means of action. For example, in the fall of 2021, the commission carried out a challenge on active transportation with the draw for a participation prize.

Another activity related to active transportation will took place on Saturday, May 28. To launch the start of the cycling season, the members of the youth commission invited the public to an information kiosk which was be on the edge of the cycle path near the Lucille-Teasdale high school

Also, with the objective of promoting democratic participation, the commission met with elected councillors and regularly publishes excerpts from interviews with the women and men who make up the municipal council on the Ville de Blainville Facebook page.

In the fall of 2022, the members of the commission will participate in a gathering bringing together young citizens who are part of similar bodies in other municipalities.

“Over the next few months, we will work on the development of several projects such as: documentation and organization of activities to demystify municipal politics, design of video capsules addressing themes related to diversity as well as development of an outdoor space conducive to gatherings,” said the six members of the youth commission.

About the Youth Commission of Blainville

The youth commission is made up of five young women and one young man between the ages of 18 and 30, who are involved in municipal life and who want to carry out mobilizing projects for the future of the city. Its objectives are to promote the democratic participation of young people, allow young people to participate in projects developed by the City, offer young people the opportunity to propose their ideas to the municipal council and allow young people to act as ambassadors of democratic life for young Blainville residents in institutions and various events.