Former Rosemère golf course and Quartier Melrose: Legal proceedings are underway

Former Rosemère golf course and Quartier Melrose: Legal proceedings are underway

On April 21, a promoter from Quartier Melrose submitted a request for appeal in judicial review in the Superior Court of Quebec against the Town of Rosemère and the MRC of Thérèse-De Blainville. In the documents that have been filed, it is indicated that it is for at least 126 million dollars that the company is suing for damages for disguised expropriation.


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One can also read that the application for appeal requires the Court “to enjoin the MRC to perform an act to which the law obliges it, namely, to affect the land of the former Golf de Rosemère with a real great assignment”.

On March 23, all the cities of the MRC took a position in an approach aimed at protecting green spaces. Thus, the steps to modify the land use of the former Rosemère golf course have been put on hold. Mayor Westram had rallied the cities in a desire to stop the land use change in order to be able to appeal together to the higher authorities, to see what they had to offer them. This decision certainly had an impact on Quartier Melrose, a residential development project designed to take place on the site of the former golf course. The developers François Vachon and Patrick Varin were therefore forced to see the realization of their project jeopardized.

Following this news, the Rosemère native and vice-president of Rosemère Vert, Lucie Tremblay, wished to support the importance of the steps taken by the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) for the protection of green spaces: “The Government of Quebec must also support municipal authorities vis-à-vis developers and speculators who threaten to take action for disguised expropriation when they have knowingly acquired recreational spaces whose zoning does not generally allow real estate development, such as this is the case for 88.5% of the site of the former Rosemère golf course”.