The population of Blainville satisfied with sports, cultural and community activities

The City of Blainville has made available the results of a survey carried out among 630 adults in Blainville from May 10 to June 1, 2021. People had been invited to respond online.

This survey conducted by the firm Aramis aimed to measure the degree and profile of participation in sports, cultural and community activities offered in Blainville as well as the degree of satisfaction with these same activities. Ultimately, it helps to identify various ideas to improve them. This survey shows that respondents are very satisfied with the city’s service offering.


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“For sports, cultural activities and community activities, the satisfaction index fluctuates between 82% and 93%, which shows that our overall offer meets the current needs of the population. Moreover, this survey also reveals that users also practice a lot of free activities outside the associative framework, but which require the use of our infrastructures,”said Mayor Liza Poulin.

A high degree of satisfaction

In terms of sports activities, 85% of respondents expressed their satisfaction. The atmosphere, the proximity of the activities, the organization, the quality of the speakers and the accessibility to the facilities are the elements that garner the most satisfaction. The types of sports activities preferred by Blainvilloises are very varied: jogging, running, walking, the outdoors, cycling, free skating, tennis, badminton, etc.

“We see it everywhere in our parks, our natural spaces, on our cycle paths and along the streets: people are exercising on their own and we must take this into account in our overall offer and in the planning of our capital works. However, we learn in the survey that parents favor associative sports for their children, ” noted the adviser responsible for associative life, Marie-Claude Perron.

In addition, respondents to the survey are satisfied with cultural activities in a proportion of 93%. While free weekend activities without registration are at 47%, supervised weekend activities that require registration also receive support of 41%.

Finally, community activities arouse the satisfaction of 82% of respondents, who mainly engage in mutual aid and volunteering activities.

Suggestions for improvement

The survey also aimed to identify options for improving the service offer. Thus, respondents would like more courses (41%), conferences (38%) or online cultural activities (38%).

Similarly, 70% of respondents would be willing to pay taxes or additional fees to improve the quality of sports, cultural and community facilities or to benefit from new interior infrastructures accessible year-round in a proportion of 82%.

“The message is clear: there is an openness for our administration to invest, over the next few years, in indoor facilities that will benefit the population and our associations throughout the year. This is why we are committed to carrying out a feasibility study to measure the viability of an indoor and multi-sport playing surface. Considering a project of such magnitude certainly requires that we rigorously analyze the needs, the state of the current infrastructures as well as the costs, and that we present them to the taxpayers in complete transparency,” explained association life advisor, Marie-Claude Collin.

In the same sense, the current administration will assess the different possibilities that will allow residents to enjoy outdoor skating rinks that will withstand the weather.

Improving services for seniors

In addition, the survey also measured the degree of interest in improving services offered in particular to seniors, such as prevention programs (100%), activities in living environments (100%) , the facilitation of travel on the territory (97%), intergenerational activities (91%) and access to public spaces (88%).

“What we understand from the results of this survey is that the population feels very satisfied with the current offer, but that they are ready for their city to invest more in improving sports, cultural and community infrastructures and some services for seniors. Over the next few weeks, we will meet with our associations to discuss their current situation and their vision for the future. Actions will certainly result from the survey and our discussions. This is part of our mandate to improve our quality of life in Blainville and we intend to deliver the goods,” concluded Mayor Liza Poulin.