from left to right: municipal councillors Diane D. Lavallée and Pierre Barrette, the director of Le Carrefour school Bachir Chaoufi, the director of the Ruisselet school Isabelle Barbe, director of Le Tournesol school Julie Arvisais, and Morgane Geneau from Club Jeunesse Les Alérions, who acted as master of ceremonies

On February 12th, students, parents, families, elected officials, partners and volunteers gathered at the Laurent G. Belley Cultural Center in Lorraine for the annual Academic Perseverance Gala. Held as part of Hooked on School Days, this event rewarded more than 70 children who demonstrated real improvement through their sustained efforts. All young honorees attend Le Jardin de Lorraine preschool or one of the three schools in the municipality: Ruisselet, Le Carrefour and Le Tournesol schools.

“Congratulations to the young winners! Each year, it is a pleasure to highlight the efforts and perseverance of the children. Continuing despite the pitfalls and knowing how to surpass themselves are strengths that will serve them throughout their lives. Thank you to those responsible for coordinating the gala, to the teachers, to the educators as well as to the families of the young people. Their support and encouragement motivate students and contributes to their success,” said Mr. Jean Comtois, Mayor of Lorraine.


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During this gala, organized with the support of the Thérèse-De Blainville Youth Consortium, partners and invaluable volunteers, the children took turns being honored on stage. The dignitaries and members of the organizing committee presented the students with a gift bag including a medal, an honorary gala certificate and a gift certificate redeemable at the Sainte-Thérèse Bookstore.

Among the people present to underline the great perseverance of the honored children was the federal deputy Louise Chabot, the provincial MNA Mario Laframboise, the members of the municipal council of Lorraine, Jean Comtois (mayor), Martine Guilbault, Pierre Barrette, Diane D. Lavallée and Lyne Rémillard, the directors of the three schools in Lorraine and the members of their parents’ committee as well as representatives of the preschool, the CISSS, the Consortium Jeunesse Thérèse-De Blainville, the Center de services scolaire des Mille-Îles, the PREL Club Jeunesse Les Alérions, Club des Lorr “Aînés” and Club de soccer FC LORO.