A summary of North Shore News according to each city Hall:
In keeping with the Town’s desire to move forward on its priority projects despite the current situation, Town Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Monday, April 6 at 4:00 p.m. at Town Hall to address issues that require action. The council meeting will be filmed and will be available on the Town’s website. Videoconferencing will be used in order to respect social distancing guidelines. The video will be broadcast immediately following the session. For question period, citizens must send their questions to mcthemens@ville.rosemere.qc.ca before 3 p.m. on Monday, April 6.
Sainte Thérèse
Following the operations which took place during the night of March 29 to 30 in a sector of the city bordered by the Rivière aux Chiens, the City of Sainte Thérèse maintains the critical situation status regarding the possibilities of flooding of the river until further notice.
This means that citizens who have already installed sandbags must maintain these protective measures until the critical situation status is lifted. No houses were flooded, no streets were blocked, and the City continued to monitor the level of the river closely. The teams remain ready to intervene if necessary.

Due to current precipitation and melting snow, the City of Boisbriand asks citizens to remain vigilant and to prepare for spring floods
The City of Boisbriand has activated its municipal civil security plan and is going into “standby mode” to monitor the level of the Mille-Îles river. Citizens will be notified of any change or intervention in the territory.
The conditions surrounding the distribution of sandbags will be communicated over the next few days, if applicable.
Citizens are also asked to note that disaster assistance will be adapted to the health requirements implemented by the Government of Quebec in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
As soon as the provincial government announced that it was putting Quebec in lockdown until April 13, the City of Deux-Montagnes began taking measures to reorganize the workloads of employees whose services were deemed non-essential. These employees were reassigned to community work for providing assistance to organizations in the area and to elderly and vulnerable residents in need of support.
Anyone wishing to receive assistance from the city should call the recreation and community life department at 450-473-2796, extension 4226. City of Deux-Montagnes employees are now making courtesy calls to residents over 70 years of age. The calls are being made to ensure that their basic needs are being met, to keep them up to date with any necessary information (including details on the city’s pandemic action plan), to assess their situation, and to help out with any reasonable assistance (such as a bit shopping, and the like).
Unless new instructions are given by the Government of Quebec, the next municipal council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, will be held via teleconferencing and videotaped. It will be possible, as usual, to view the session in the days that follow on the city website. Except for the mayor, the councillors will participate in the session via their telephone as a precautionary measure.
As they will not have access to the council hall, citizens are invited to send their questions and comments to the municipal council by email at directiongenerale.mairie@blainville.ca.
The City of Saint-Eustache asks citizens not to bring donations (articles, clothing, etc.) to organizations that usually receive them, for example the Grenier populaire des Basses- Laurentides, the Marie-Eve Center, Les Trouvailles d’Eustache (parochial parlor), JouJou Recover-R, etc. It is the same for the blue boxes of clothing donations that can be found everywhere on the territory.
Indeed, in the context of Covid-19, these organizations are not in operation and there is no staff to collect donations. Please note: Anyone who leaves donations on the ground or around the drop-off points could be fined.
Citizens are asked to keep their donations at home while waiting for the Covid-19 crisis to pass.


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