Big fines for the organizer of the covidiots party in Place Rosemère

After a demonstration involving around 30 people on the 21st of November afternoon, the organizer of an anti-mask rally in a shopping center will receive at least three fines.
On the images shared on social networks, one can see these maskless protesters dancing in the heart of Place Rosemère.
Agents from the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville went to the site on Saturday afternoon, but did not issue a statement of offense at that time.
However, an investigation was triggered and, so far, “18 reports will be issued over the next few days,” said police pr representative Sergeant Martin Charron.
“There are several offenses that were committed on Saturday, including the failure to respect social distancing, not having worn masks. Saturday we mainly targeted the person who organized the rally, ”added Mr. Charron.
The organizer of the demonstration has been identified and will receive at least three tickets of more than $ 1,000 each, or more than $ 1,500 including costs.
Even though the event only lasted a few minutes, many police officers were mobilized.