Certain hand sanitizers may pose health risks

Health Canada is advising Canadians that the following hand sanitizers made with industrial-grade ethanol, which is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers, may pose health risks.

Health Canada maintains a list of hand sanitizers that may pose health risks, so that Canadians can easily identify products they may have purchased and take appropriate action. Canadians are encouraged to check the list regularly for updates.


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ProductRecalling CompanyNPN or DINLot Number(s)Expiry DateDate Added
Biogel Groupe Savon Olympics, Inc.800986840D991 0D992 0D963 0D964 0E998 0E997 0E994April 2022    July 3, 2020
eSafeGroupe Enov, Inc.Unlicensed (no NPN or DIN on label)20-115 20-120 20-121April 2021July 3, 2020
20-125 20-126 20-181May 2021
Hand Sanitizer Alco-SanCrown Chemical Products, Inc.Unlicensed (no NPN or DIN on label)51420-21 51520-20Not printed on the labelJuly 3, 2020
Healthcare Plus Sanitizing Hand GelThe Color Group, Division of Canadian Custom Packaging  80002430024002 024012 024022 021032 024042 024072 024082 024092 024003           April 2022July 3, 2020
Manogel Constant America8009884604291 04292 04293 04295 04301 04321March 2022July 3, 2020
SanitagelJefo Nutrition, Inc.8009856707820R414 08520R414 08720R414March 2021July 3, 2020
09020R414 09320R414April 2021