Charette green-lights new dike for flood-besieged Sainte-Marthe

(NSN) Deux-Montagnes CAQ MNA Benoit Charette, who is Quebec’s Environment Minister, announced last week that flood-besieged Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac will be getting a new lakewater-control dike in order to better deal with the sort of flooding that devastated the North Shore community last month.

According to Charette, repairs will be made to the existing dike, which gave way during this spring’s flooding, leading to the inundation of dozens of streets in Sainte-Marthe and the devastation of up to one-third of the town.


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Charette didn’t specify how much of the bill the Quebec government will be paying. He said he used a clause in the province’s environmental regulations in order to accelerate the process of giving the go-ahead for the work, which ordinarily would be subject to lengthy environmental evaluations.