Chickens in Saint-Eustache!

Until March 26, citizens are invited to express themselves in an online survey about the keeping of chickens in urban areas. Interested parties will have the opportunity to answer multiple-choice questions, while having the opportunity to make suggestions. The time required to complete the survey on should not exceed 5 minutes.
“We have received questions from citizens about urban chickens and we want to do things right by consulting the population. If this turns out to be mostly favorable to the presence of hens in an urban environment, we will determine the guidelines for the regulations, then conduct a pilot project so that cohabitation is harmonious for all. I invite citizens to respond to the survey in large numbers; we can’t wait to hear their opinion! », Declared Mayor Pierre Charron at the time of the announcement.
According to the Oregon state university, Raising small flocks of chickens within city limits is becoming a popular pastime for many families. Urban residents keep chickens in their backyards for many of the same reasons as rural residents. Some urban residents want to produce eggs or meat for their families to save money, live more sustainably, or simply know where their food comes from; others keep “fancy” or ornamental chickens (standard-bred birds of specific breeds or colors or both) to exhibit. Some urban residents have chickens to eat insects in the lawn and garden; others simply appreciate watching the birds in their yard, which can be a relaxing and sometimes comical sight.