Theft of Desjardins personal data: CAQ Finance Minister says he’s preparing new legislation

(NSN) Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard issued a statement earlier this week saying that will soon be tabling new legislation to deal with theft of personal information through widescape computer hacking.

The move comes following the theft of personal data from Quebec’s Caisses Desjardins.


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Initially, according to Girard, the proposed legislation would improve the protection of personal and financial information belonging to citizens.

Safeguards to increase

He noted that as things stand now, personal financial assets are guaranteed in instances where fraud is committed. He suggested that credit tracking agencies such as Equifax are playing an important role in providing stronger security. Girard said Desjardins reacted quickly to the situation it was faced with.

“It is our intention to put into place measures aimed at increasing the protection of the financial information of all Quebecers,” Girard said. “The incident at Desjardins is regrettable and I understand that Quebecers are worried. We are aware that they are waiting for improvements from the government.”