Deux-Montagnes cuts Property Tax Rate

For the next year, Deux-Montagnes residents will benefit from a lower property tax rate in order to limit the financial impact resulting from the overall increase in property values. This was decided during the 2022 budget for the City of Deux-Montagnes which was approved on December 9, at a special meeting of city council.

The residential tax rate will be reduced from $0.84 to $0.70 per $100 of assessment. For 55% of Deux-Montagnes homeowners, the rate cut will either lead to a decrease in their tax bill or a slight increase of no more than 1.9%. This is particularly the case for owners of an average single-family residence in Deux-Montagnes – whose assessments increased from $256,600 to $313,500 -, who will see an increase of $ 56 on their annual tax bill. The rate cut was made possible in part due to a rate freeze on costs for services, including waste collection, potable water, and snow removal.


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Deux-Montagnes Mayor Denis Martin is extremely pleased with the budget. “The council made the decision to reduce the base property tax rate to compensate for the significant increase in home valuations,” he said. “Because the city is on sound financial footing, we were in a good position to keep the tax burden down for Deux-Montagnes homeowners, while continually improving the level of services we provide. That’s not to say that the managers involved in preparing the budget didn’t have their work cut out for them in delivering a prudent and responsible budget, despite the sharp rise in the Consumer Price Index.”

New assessment roll

The property assessment roll is a mandatory process under the Act respecting municipal taxation. It’s carried out every three years in all Quebec municipalities. The assessment roll is prepared by an independent third party accredited by the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec and is governed by rigorous professional standards. The ministry of municipal affairs and housing (MAHM) has produced an explanatory document for anyone wishing to learn more about how the assessment roll process works.

Major projects scheduled for 2022

•            Ongoing upgrade to the potable water and sewer line rehabilitation program as outlined in the three-year capital investment program (CIP)

•            Investment of more than $4 million in overflow control structures, as well as other investments in sustainable development projects

•            Completion of Parc du Centenaire to provide public access to the waterway and sustainable development for recreation and tourism

Most of the costs for these projects are covered by government subsidies.