End of the second phase of the major works on rue Turgeon

After several months of major works, the Theresians will be happy to learn that the second phase of the major works on rue Turgeon, taking place between the street Joseph-Hamelin and the railway line is now complete. Motorists can now move freely on Turgeon Street and the finishing work has been completed.
The work of this second phase allowed the repair of the hundred-year-old underground infrastructure and the construction of the network for the future burying of electrical wires, in particular under the railway line, which represented an important milestone in this major project.
Improvements for a user-friendly and safe sector
In addition to the necessary civil works, many changes have been made to the sector. Among other things, the concrete sidewalks were replaced by walkways made of precast concrete and were widened, in order to increase pedestrian safety. In the same sense, a slowing down plateau has been set up at the corner of Turgeon and Saint ‑ Alphonse streets, and a pedestrian crossing with flashing light has been added opposite 114, rue Turgeon (Jardin Lee restaurant).
At the intersection of Boulevard Desjardins, new state-of-the-art traffic lights were installed, and the ramp leading to Rue Turgeon was replaced by a lane reserved for the right turn. Many trees and plants have also been planted in various places to green the artery, and street furniture has been added.
“On behalf of the municipal council, I would like to underline the efforts of all the workers involved, who worked with rigor and professionalism to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the schedule. I would also like to thank the merchants and residents for their patience and cooperation over the past few months. Thus, I invite citizens to come and discover the new developments and to take advantage of their visit to encourage the traders in the area! », said the mayoress of the City of Sainte-Thérèse, Mrs. Sylvie Surprenant.
Inconvenient, but temporary elements
As in the first phase, electricity poles unfortunately remain in inconvenient places on the east side of Turgeon Street. By modifying the configuration of the traffic lanes on rue Turgeon, some posts are found in the new sidewalks. This situation, which was known from the start of the development of the works, is temporary since the removal of these posts represents the last stage of the project, which will take place in 2022.
On the other hand, due to private construction work in progress at the intersection of rue Turgeon and rue Napoléon, the sidewalk at this point could not be developed, it will be built during the third phase. Thus, until next year, pedestrians will have to bypass this portion by taking the bike path. Cyclists should therefore exercise caution during this period.
On the way to the third phase
The third phase of this series of four will begin next spring. Ultimately, it will include connecting all buildings to the new underground electrical network as well as removing electrical wires. These ad hoc interventions will not require major street closures as in the first two phases.
This major urban renewal project will provide a lively and rejuvenated gateway to the Village of Sainte-Thérèse, just like the merchants, citizens and visitors who frequent it.