Firefighters for a Day: A Remarkable Adventure Leaves Lasting Memories

On October 4th, the city of Blainville and the town of Rosemère witnessed an extraordinary event as 16 young students from local primary schools embraced the unique opportunity to become firefighters for a day. This initiative, aptly named “Firefighters for a Day,” allowed these third-year students to delve into the world of firefighting, gaining insights into the various facets of this heroic profession.

The contest, open to third-year students from every primary school in the Blainville and Rosemère regions, unfolded at the Blainville Fire Safety Service facilities. The day was designed not only to educate the participants about the crucial work of firefighters but also to engage them in hands-on activities related to the profession.


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Immersed in the experience, the young participants donned authentic firefighter gear as they explored the trucks and facilities of the Blainville Fire Safety Service. They underwent training sessions covering essential firefighting gear, the use of respiratory devices, victim search techniques, and received invaluable tips on fire prevention. From equipment inspections to handling portable extinguishers and extinguishing a simulated wooden pallet fire, the day was brimming with excitement and learning.

“The Firefighters for a Day activity is a memorable and enriching experience for these third-year youngsters. They will carry an indelible memory that they can share with their friends and family. Thanks to the Fire Safety Service for organizing this activity year after year,” expressed Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram, acknowledging the significance of such initiatives in shaping young minds.

As the day concluded, the young participants were warmly greeted by Blainville Mayor Liza Poulin, Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram, and councilors Stéphane Dufour and Patrick Marineau from the Mobility, Safety, and Traffic Commission. Members of the Fire Safety Service leadership and the cheerful mascot Yvon Larosé were also present. In a heartwarming gesture, they presented tokens of appreciation to the participants, who had the honor of signing the guestbook of their respective cities.

“To discover the multiple facets of the firefighter profession while having fun, that is the objective of this day. The enthusiastic reaction of the children confirms that it’s mission accomplished!” Mayor Liza Poulin remarked, highlighting the success of the event in achieving its goal of combining education with enjoyment.

The sixteen selected schoolchildren, one from each school, who formed the 2023 Firefighters for a Day team, were Clément Recher, Flavie Le Blanc, Émy Paquette, Laurie Richer-Bilodeau, Xavier Phaneuf, Charlotte Raymond, Logan St-Laurent, Alice Leclercq, Zack Arsenault, William Gervais, Moricio Chouweiri, Roxanne Nassar, Jake Young, Sophia Chaudry, Thomas Langlois, and Théo Labelle. Their smiles and excitement epitomized the success of this unforgettable day, fostering a passion for community service and heroism in the hearts of these young participants.