New funding will support research to develop recycling solutions for fiberglass
MP Linda Lapointe with co-owners Y. Laroche and A. Sekkouri.

Recently Linda Lapointe, MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, on behalf of the Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced that KWI Polymers has been granted $150,000 under the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge, funded by the Innovative Solutions Canada program, to develop a possible solution for recycling fiberglass. The end result could potentially turn transformed materials into street furniture, railings, sidewalks and decking.

The funding announced, complements the department’s commitment to advancing vessel recycling and environmentally responsible vessel design.
The Government of Canada is dedicated to protecting Canada’s land and waterways from plastic waste and marine litter. We know that Canadians value their natural environment, and we have a responsibility to prevent plastic pollution now and into the future.


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It is a know fact that plastic pollution is a growing problem in Canada and around the world. Canada has committed to global leadership in government operations that are low-carbon, resilient and green.


There are few options for recycling and disposing of boats made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic, commonly referred to as fiberglass. Most of these boats end up in a landfill, or worse, abandoned on land or in the water. To address this issue, Transport Canada issued a challenge to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses to develop innovative solutions for recycling or reusing fiberglass in an energy-efficient way which recovers as much material as possible.

“I am proud that our Government is supporting innovation and research on the recycling and reuse of plastics. Local businesses that receive this funding, like KWI Polymers, will be able to battle the pollution caused by plastics across the country”, mentionned Ms Lapointe.

The Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge is a $12.85-million initiative supporting research projects that aim to address plastic pollution through new and innovative technologies. This initiative is funded by federal departments and agencies, through the Innovative Solutions Canada program, and invites Canadian small and medium-sized businesses to develop innovative solutions in response to specific challenges related to plastic waste.