Green light for the development of the Nature Park

The City of Saint-Eustache welcomed the favorable final decision of the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) regarding the development of the Nature Park. The green light having been given; everything is now in place for the development of the largest protected green space in the city.

By virtue of this decision by the CPTAQ, the City will be able, as it planned, to deploy its natural space development plan as early as 2023. “As soon as it was acquired, this project made it possible to ensure the perpetual preservation of a fragile and extremely precious ecosystem, within which we find a variety of fauna and flora. Thanks to the favorable decision rendered, we now intend to develop what constitutes a collective green heritage of great value for the residents, so outdoor activities and educational activities can be held which will not affect the environment” said the mayor of Saint-Eustache, Mr. Pierre Charron.


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For the convenience of users, the development and enhancement plan for the park includes the construction of a reception chalet and the development of an unpaved parking lot. A multipurpose trail will also be developed for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skating in winter, as well as for hiking and nature observation in other seasons. In addition to preserving the significant canopy already present, the city plans to enrich it with a massive planting of maple trees in the part of the park where a sugar bush is already present, in order to eventually allow maple production.

“In its decision, the CPTAQ recognizes that the uses of the Nature Park are in no way incompatible with agricultural activities in the area, and very favorably welcomes the project to develop and operate the sugar bush. We are extremely happy with the outcome of our efforts, particularly for the Eustachois and Eustachoises who will be the first beneficiaries. » said the municipal councilor Patrice Paquette, president of the Commission for land use planning and housing.

“A presentation of the development concept will be made to citizens over the next few months, in order to inform them of the steps to come until the project is completed”, specified added from his part the municipal councilor responsible for outdoor files., Mr. Yves Roy.

Brief history of the project

In 2017, the City of Saint-Eustache acquired a wooded area of ​​664,184.3 m2, in order to preserve it in perpetuity and make it a natural and recreational four seasons park. For the purchase of this land, the City received significant contributions from the Government of Quebec, the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) and Hydro-Quebec. More specifically, $994,431 was paid by Hydro-Québec under Hydro-Québec’s Integrated Enhancement Program (PMVI), following the construction of Patriotes substation, while $1,051,806 were granted by the CMM and the Government of Quebec through the Greater Montreal Green and Blue Infrastructure Program.

“In 2022, we also began a process to acquire a series of adjacent lots, with the aim of expanding the perimeter of the park. The acquisition of these lands as well as the construction of the reception chalet will also be the subject of requests for financial support from the CMM, again within the framework of the Green and Blue Infrastructure Program of Greater Montreal. We are very confident that these requests will be approved, and that this whole project can be carried out without impacting taxpayers” concluded the mayor.