Home Local News Honoring Fallen Officers and Celebrating Police Service: Commemorative Event on May 13

Honoring Fallen Officers and Celebrating Police Service: Commemorative Event on May 13

Honoring Fallen Officers and Celebrating Police Service: Commemorative Event on May 13

Thérèse de Blainville PD in attendance

On May 13, a significant event took place at the École nationale de police du Québec to honor the bravery and sacrifice of police officers. This commemorative ceremony, was an integral part of the Police Week celebrations and served as a poignant reminder of the courage and dedication of law enforcement officers.


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Commemorative Ceremony for Fallen Officers

The day commenced with a solemn ceremony to remember officers who have died in the line of duty. This year’s ceremony held special significance with the induction of Sergeant Maureen Breau of the Sûreté du Québec into the memorial wall. Sergeant Breau’s dedication and ultimate sacrifice are now forever etched in the annals of police history.

The ceremony also paid tribute to Mr. Gabriel Labelle, a member of the Sainte-Thérèse Municipal Police, who died on October 12, 1971. Mr. Labelle’s legacy continues to resonate within the policing community, reminding everyone of the inherent risks faced by officers every day.

RIPTB’s presence was strongly felt, with Officer Sylvain Lamer representing the brigade in the honor guard. This gesture highlighted the solidarity and respect among law enforcement officers, underscoring their shared commitment to protecting and serving the community, even at great personal risk.

Recognition of Distinguished Service

Following the commemorative segment, the Ministry of Public Security conducted an awards and citations ceremony, honoring distinguished service and bravery among the officers. This was followed by a parade through the streets of Nicolet, showcasing the pride and solidarity of the police force.

The 15th edition of this event was particularly special, with Public Security Minister François Bonnardel, also the Member of the National Assembly for Granby, in attendance. Joining him was Quebec Premier François Legault, whose participation underscored the importance of the occasion.

A Day of Unity and Reflection

Throughout the day, the collective spirit of the public security community was palpable. The ceremonies not only honored the valor of individual officers but also reinforced the deep respect and appreciation for the police force’s ongoing commitment to serving and protecting the community.

The event highlighted the significance of recognizing the efforts and sacrifices of law enforcement officers, fostering a sense of unity and respect within the community. As the Police Recognition Day concluded, it left an indelible mark on all who attended, reminding them of the dedication and courage that define the police profession.

The ceremony on May 13 served as a powerful tribute to the heroism of police officers, ensuring their sacrifices and service are never forgotten.