In Sainte-Thérèse, pushing your snow in the street is forbidden

Before the arrival of any significant snowfall, the City of Sainte-Thérèse wishes to remind Teresians that municipal regulations prohibit pushing snow from private property onto sidewalks or onto the street. Owners must therefore keep snow from their driveway or land within the limits of their property.
“Contravening the regulations by pushing snow into the street or onto the sidewalks has damaging consequences, since it slows down operations and reduces the quality of snow removal. This is why we are asking for everyone’s collaboration in order to improve snow removal operations and make traffic safer throughout the Teresian territory,” declared the mayoress of Sainte ‑ Thérèse, Ms. Sylvie Surprenant.
Owners not only have an obligation to respect the ban in force, but they must also ensure that it is respected by their tenants and private snow removal contractors. Any violation committed for this purpose is punishable by a fine addressed to the owner.
It is possible to obtain a permit allowing snow from private entrances to be pushed onto public roads, before the snow removal teams pass. Fees and conditions apply. For more details, citizens should contact the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Department.