In the photo from left to right: Mr. Yves Roy, municipal councillor, Mr. Pierre Charron, mayor, Mr. Patrice Paquette, municipal councillor

The Saint-Eustache  population is invited to participate in the second part of the public consultation in connection with the City’s Urban Mobility Plan. In this new exercise, citizens and business people are invited to share their priorities with respect to the road, pedestrian and cycling network, public transportation and travel safety. The survey will be available until April 24, 2022 at

With the Urban Mobility Plan, the City aims to adopt improved transport planning by following the best planning practices, to achieve a better balance of transport modes, and to identify the problems of connections on the territory as well as the gaps active mobility.


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The first part of the project, carried out in the spring of 2021, looked at all the habits and concerns of the population on the issue, and aimed to understand what motivates mobility choices. The results, obtained using a survey and an interactive map, made it possible to establish the characteristics of mobility in the city. “Following the preliminary consultation last spring, we assessed the needs and requests that you expressed to us, which allowed us to identify the main issues regarding urban mobility and to establish the parameters of an action plan. We are therefore asking you one last time to find out your priorities and possible solutions in relation to this preliminary action plan. Your answers will allow us to build a mobility plan adapted to needs and able to meet them over the long term,” said the mayor of Saint-Eustache, Pierre Charron.

Essential participation

In addition to the survey, it will be possible to get involved by contributing to the Ideas Box, available in the Mobility of the Imaginons Saint-Eustache platform. “We created this platform in order to know the opinion, the motivations and the concerns of our population. When it comes to mobility on the territory, your opinion is essential in order to draw a portrait that comes as close as possible to reality. This consultation is a golden opportunity to make your voice heard and to contribute to the improvement of our city”, underlined Patrice Paquette, municipal councillor, president of the Commission on land use planning and housing.