New Music Therapy Service Offered at CISSS Laurentides for Grieving Families

The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) of the Laurentides region has announced a new music therapy service aimed at supporting parents experiencing perinatal grief and children and adolescents grieving the loss of a parent.

Music therapy, in the context of grief, offers a unique form of support where a music therapist guides individuals through their grieving process using various musical approaches. The therapist collaborates with the individuals to create a meaningful musical project tailored to their needs. This approach allows individuals to take a moment to reflect, express themselves differently, share their story, and come to terms with their loss, or simply to navigate their grief at their own pace.


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“The grieving process affects the entire family unit, and each person experiences it differently. That’s why CISSS Laurentides is now providing care for grieving parents and youth through this service. This initiative aims to enhance our physical and mental health interventions for families in the region,” said Ms. Julie Delaney, President and CEO. The music therapy service is available at the CLSC downtown Saint-Jérôme facility or virtually. Those interested in this service can request it by emailing

For support related to perinatal grief, individuals are encouraged to contact Info-Social by dialing 811, option 2. Additional information about resources for perinatal grief is available on the Pregnancy and Childbirth page at

This innovative service marks a significant step forward in the comprehensive care offered by CISSS Laurentides, addressing the often-overlooked emotional and psychological needs of families during challenging times.