Piano by candlelight in Ste-Thérèse

The Concerts sous les chandelles production company which specializes in candlelight music concerts is bringing canadian-chilean pianist Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz to Ste-Thérèse on October 23 at 2 pm.

The pianist will be performing works by Chopin and Liszt in the Centre Culturel et communautaire de Ste-Thérèse.                                                                                                 


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The organizers promise that the audience will discover Chopin and his music in a new setting, as it has never been performed.  “Listening to one of his nocturnes sitting in a church illuminated only by candles, or his third Ballad, or his famous Funeral March.  Everything will be so spirited – the anecdotes, the scenery, and the atmosphere – that you will have the impression that evening of attending a Concert … given by Frederic Chopin himself” says Concerts sous les chandelles.

 In an interview with North Shore News, Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz said that playing piano with candlelight as the only illumination is a deeply intimate experience both for the performer and for the audience. “Not seeing the performer clearly urges the concert goer to pay more attention to the music. After all composers like Chopin did intend a lot of their works for a small circle of people a lot of whom they knew personally” said the pianist.

Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz started her piano lessons at age 6. She received a grant from Vincent-d’Indy College. She studied with Claude Labelle (Bachelor’s degree) and with Dang Thai Son (Master’s degree) in Piano Interpretation, at University of Montreal. She then continued her studies privately with Patrice Laré, followed by a traineeship at the prestigious Moscow Conservatory with Yury Stepanovitch Slesarev and Tatiana Afanasievskaya. Alejandra has played with “Concerts under Candlelight” productions since 2011.

In 2012, Alejandra was selected by the Quebec Music Council for the “Adopt-a-Musician” program; she also won the “Self-Employed Musician of the Year” prize from the Latin-American Chamber of Commerce of Quebec.

In addition to her concert schedule, she is an avid piano teacher, and uses her music experience to give conferences about the importance of perseverance at elementary and high schools in the greater Montreal region.

Admission is $35 and tickets are available at the door the afternoon of the concert.