From the RIPTB Mr. Martin Charron, inspector, Mr. Brian Deslauriers, general manager of
Place Rosemère as well as Mrs. Diane Brown, director of operations of Place Rosemère,
Sébastien Charette, and Éric Huard of the RIPTB.

On September 22, the partnership agreement between Place Rosemère and the Thérèse de Blainville Police Department (RIPTB) was renewed, almost fifteen years after the first agreement signed in October 2006.

This agreement continues year after year, responding to a real need for prevention, partnership and customer service. It makes it possible to offer the services of a police officer from the RIPTB directly on the scene and to work in close collaboration with the security guards of Place Rosemère as well as the employees of the shops and businesses. This personalized service makes it possible to assist citizens, intervene quickly and efficiently with customers and tenants, ensure a reassuring presence during special events, implement prevention projects and offer unparalleled service at Place Rosemère.


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“This project is part of the proactive security strategy of the RIPTB, ie crime prevention, proximity to citizens, partnership with Place Rosemère and problem solving through analysis and intelligence of emerging situations. The presence of a police officer at Place Rosemère makes it possible to prevent a big percentage of fraud, shoplifting, theft in vehicles, also allows rapid assistance to citizens and above all increases the feeling of security of customers employers and employees of Place Rosemère ”, said Inspector Martin Charron of the RIPTB.

“More than ever, our partnership agreement is important. This service is, without a doubt, indispensable and essential, especially in times of pandemic! It helped us ensure the safety of our customers, our tenants and our employees.” added Brian Deslauriers of Place Rosemère. “We would like to thank agent Sébastien Charette for the quality of the work accomplished with us over the past four years and would like to welcome the arrival of agent Éric Huard.