A recent update from REM show the quick progression of the works int the Deux-Montagnes area. In the cities of Laval and Deux-Montagnes, work on the REM got underway in early 2021. A few months later, the infrastructure is taking shape, with the construction of stations, bridges, etc.


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The bridge spanning the Rivière des Mille Îles between Laval and Deux-Montagnes will be rebuilt to allow for the doubling of railway tracks. This work will entail partial demolition of the existing bridge, down to the base. Reconstruction of the new bridge, with the doubling of the railway tracks. The work will obstruct water traffic on the Mille Îles River, under the bridge. This obstruction will last for approximately one year. No water traffic will be possible under the bridge during this period.

The work will involve truck traffic to transport the material and equipment, including 168 girders and a launcher, a large machine for the work on the bridge. Transports by truck will occur mainly on the Laval side, via Les Érables Street. Just as on any construction site, the work can cause noise, dust and vibrations.

Work has also begun in the foundations of the Grand-Moulin station. A passageway is being built that will allow users to go from one direction to the other, either towards Montreal or towards Deux-Montagnes. A few steps away from this construction site, the new road overpass is also taking shape on Boulevard du Lac. The reopening of this boulevard is scheduled for the end of 2021!

The columns that will support the REM when it spans Deux-Montagnes Boulevard to reach the aerial station are also being completed. The next step is to build the approach walls on both sides and install the beams over Deux-Montagnes Boulevard. In the fall of 2021, work will begin at the station.