Rosemère Golf course: The Ministry of the Environment will not intervene

In a press release dated September 22nd 2021 the city of Rosemère informed the population that following its request for intervention in the former Rosemère golf course file, the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change has responded, after verifying the known facts, that there is no reason for them to act at this time.

In a communication sent to the City’s general management, the Ministry notes that only an activity listed in Annex III of the Règlement sur la protection et la réhabilitation des terrains requires a mandatory characterization of the land and a rehabilitation plan to be submitted to the Ministry. However, the operation of a golf course is not an activity of an industrial and commercial nature listed in Annex III of this bylaw.


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Thus, even if a project were to be developed on this land, the owner is not required by law to characterize the land, nor to file a rehabilitation plan, according to the Ministry.

A thorough and independent environmental study required

Although not required by law, the city reiterates that it will require a thorough and independent environmental study at the appropriate time, otherwise the status quo will prevail. This analysis will then be submitted to the public as part of the public consultation process in the event that a development plan is submitted. 

Rosemère officials emphasized that the possible decontamination of the land will be subject to citizen consultations since the current zoning of the land does not allow any development on nearly 90% of its surface. Following the consultations, a referendum will be held for the entire population, followed by a referendum for the contiguous zones, at the request of the citizens, in accordance with the applicable law, thus giving Rosemerites the final say in this matter.