Rosemère’s first ‘Grande Marche’ deemed a success
From the left, Rosemère town councillors Philip Panet-Raymond and Marie-Hélène Fortin, Mayor Eric Westram, and town councillors Hélène Akzam and René Villeneuve are seen here during the town’s ‘Grande Marche’ healthy lifestyles event.

(NSN) Rosemerites came out on Oct. 18 to march for healthy lifestyle habits at Rosemère’s first annual ‘La Grande Marche’ event, supported by the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie.

Colourful clothing

More than 350 people attended the community event, which followed the same path as Rosemère en santé. Walkers wore their most colourful clothing and fluorescent glasses to brighten up the festivities.


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Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram said he was delighted by the tremendous public response to this first event. “I’m thrilled to see how excited residents are to be part of La Grande Marche,” he said.

Fitness popular

“The great turnout shows how interested you are in the activities put on by the town and how important you feel it is to promote a healthy lifestyle and make Rosemère an active community.”

Over the course of the same weekend, more than 100 other towns and cities across Quebec held their own versions of La Grande Marche. The total number of participants province-wide was close to 75,000.