The CISSS des Laurentides asks the public to avoid the emergency room of the Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital

The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) of the Laurentians asked the population with a health problem that is not urgent to avoid going in the emergency room of the Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital due to a high rate of traffic and occupancy of stretchers.


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The North Shore local health authority issued once more a press release to that effect, one of many preceding ones which reinforces the sorry state of the region’s ERs. According to the press release, people whose situation is not urgent are invited to evaluate the different options offered in

the region. All services are presented in the “Consult a professional” section of the website

The Info-Santé service at 811 provides a consultation with a nurse. If necessary, the team

can help find an appointment with a professional or doctor. Two leaflets are available online to better guide the population regarding consultation services offered in health in the Laurentians region:

There is an info brochure about When to consult in the emergency room – For children aged 0 to 12, and a leaflet called Are you consulting in the right place when you have a health problem?

Access to these alternatives to emergencies allows everyone with a health problem to obtain the

good service at the right place. Residents can also take the test, at:

The CISSS des Laurentides ensures that people in an urgent and unstable situation will be taken care of quickly in all emergencies in the region.