School Perseverance Gala in Lorraine

On May 15, the City of Lorraine held its annual School Perseverance Gala at Le Carrefour school, an event that rewarded approximately 70 children who demonstrated real improvement through their sustained efforts. These honored students attend Le Jardin de Lorraine preschool or one of the three schools in the municipality: Ruisselet, Le Carrefour and Le Tournesol schools.

During this gala, organized with the support of the Thérèse-De Blainville Youth Consortium, partners and valuable volunteers, the honored children took turns on stage with obvious pride. The mayor of Lorraine presented them with an honorary medal from the Gala, offered by the municipal council of the City. They also received a gift bag including an honorary certificate and a gift certificate redeemable at the Sainte-Thérèse Bookstore.


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“I congratulate all the children honored at our gala. They have worked hard, despite a context that has not always been conducive for the past two years. Knowing how to persevere is a quality that will be useful to them throughout their lives, during their school career, of course, but also during their professional career and even to achieve their dreams. I would also like to thank the teachers, educators, and families. Their encouragement motivates young people and pushes them to persevere,” said the mayor of Lorraine, Mr. Jean Comtois.

Among the people present to underline all the work of the children, it is important to mention the federal MP Louise Chabot, the provincial MNA Mario Laframboise, and the municipal councillors of Lorraine, Roger, Barrette, representative of the CISSS, the directors of the three schools of Lorraine as well as preschool representatives.

The gala came at the heels of the school perseverance days for which Quebec has been mobilizing for the educational success of young people celebrating them each year during the 3rd week of February.

These days aim to remind national and municipal elected officials, organizations, employers, parents and all national and regional stakeholders in education, health, and early childhood that they are all essential and have a role to play in the school perseverance of young people. Thousands of activities and events are implemented annually in schools and municipalities throughout Quebec.

The School Perseverance Days are launched and supported by all the regional consultation bodies (IRC). These mobilize hundreds of organizations in all regions of Quebec around the importance of acting to make a real difference in the success of young people, for toddlers and adults alike.