Stan and Louis: Canine Companions Enhancing Care at CISSS des Laurentides

In a heartwarming development, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) of Laurentides has introduced two new furry members to its teams, Stan and Louis. These canine partners are set to play crucial roles in providing emotional support and facilitating innovative interventions within the healthcare and social services domain.

Stan: A Labrador with a Heart for Healing

Stan, a two-and-a-half-year-old black Labrador Retriever, has joined CISSS des Laurentides after undergoing specialized training by the Mira Foundation. His primary role is to offer essential emotional support to children and adolescents under the care of the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ). Rosemonde Landry, the CEO of CISSS des Laurentides, expressed immense pride in Stan’s arrival and highlighted the positive impact he has already made on the youth.


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Trained to accompany DPJ intervenors, Stan acts as a calming presence during stressful situations such as court hearings, police meetings, or visits to the DPJ office. Martine Lacelle, Stan’s responsible master and a human relations officer at DPJ, guides him in his role as a companion. Stan’s gradual integration into all DPJ teams is expected to further enhance the emotional well-being of those under their care.

The initiative to bring Stan to CISSS des Laurentides was made possible through the collaboration with key partners. The Foundation of the Youth Center of Laurentides played a pivotal role by funding Stan’s training with the Mira Foundation, contributing a substantial amount of $35,000. Guénette & Guénette Feed, Stan’s food supplier, also played a crucial role in ensuring his well-being and sustained support capabilities.

Louis: A French Bulldog Bringing Comfort to Mental Health Services

Simultaneously, CISSS des Laurentides has introduced Louis, a one-year-old French Bulldog, as part of an innovative approach to mental health services. Louis and his handler are actively involved in providing comfort to individuals at the Laurentians Addiction Rehabilitation Center and supporting the HOPE program, which focuses on individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of it.

Madame Rosemonde Landry expressed her delight at this initiative, emphasizing the passion and dedication of CISSS des Laurentides teams in going beyond traditional methods to connect with the community. The incorporation of Louis into mental health services aligns with the center’s commitment to offering the best possible care and services.

The Foundation of the Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital played a crucial role in making Louis’s addition possible, demonstrating a commitment to innovative projects in mental health. Raphaëlle Prévost, CEO of the Foundation, emphasized their pleasure in supporting such initiatives, acknowledging the increasing demand for mental health programs and the importance of engaging in services that align with their mission.

A Testament to Holistic Care and Community Connection

The introduction of Stan and Louis at CISSS des Laurentides is a testament to the center’s commitment to holistic care and community connection. These canine companions symbolize more than just furry friends; they represent beacons of comfort and support in times of emotional distress. As they seamlessly integrate into various services, Stan and Louis embody the center’s dedication to providing innovative, compassionate, and holistic care to those in need within the Laurentides community.