The Boisé-de-Blainville Birthing Center is celebrating its 15th anniversary!

The annual picnic at the Boisé-de-Blainville birth center took place in a festive and family atmosphere on September 18. On this occasion, the Birth Center’s 15th anniversary of service was celebrated in the company of various community partners as well as many families and citizens of the Laurentians according to an announcement by the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux des Laurentides.

Singing, cake and children’s activities were offered directly on the site of the establishment. This picnic was the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the progress made since the establishment of the Birthing Center in the community and to thank everyone involved in its many achievements.


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Ms. Rosemonde Landry, President and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides, of which the Birthing Center is a part, declared that she was delighted with this anniversary: ​​”I am proud to celebrate the place of choice occupied by the Boisé-de-Blainville birth center in the Laurentians community, and has been for 15 years now! I would like to congratulate the entire Birthing Center team for their accomplishments over the years, and above all, for their remarkable work in welcoming nearly 3,700 newborns. We are happy to be able to offer different possibilities to pregnant women for their pregnancy follow-ups and deliveries,” she said.

The Boisé-de-Blainville birthing center

Since 2007, the Boisé-de-Blainville birthing center welcomes expectant mothers and their families throughout pregnancy. The team of midwives offers, in collaboration with eight birth assistants and three administrative agents, complete pregnancy follow-up including childbirth and postnatal visits.

Benefits of a Birthing Center vs Hospital

Examining the benefits of birthing centers vs hospital can help both employees and moms-to-be choose where to go.

Birth centers can offer a more home-like experiences, whereas a hospital is a traditional hospital setting. Being in a hospital though does give access to the NICU, that a birth center cannot offer. With less risk factors of a hospital, birth centers can have less visitor restrictions than hospitals. Delivering at a hospital however means more access to interventions and cesareans when appropriate.

The medication availability differs between birthing centers vs hospitals. Birthing centers offer more holistic and alternative methods, whereas a hospital will have more pharmacological options.