The CISSS des Laurentides is looking for host families for young people

The Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CISSS) in the Laurentians is actively looking for interested and qualified people to become host families for young people aged 0 to 17.
The shortage of resources is still as great for this clientele, regardless of the current COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the Laurentides region is facing a significant increase in accommodation requests.
The CISSS des Laurentides asks people who have acquired knowledge in the health and social services network or a life experience with this age group to express their interest in becoming a foster family for a child in large need.
All measures will be put in place to avoid the gathering of people wishing to obtain information as to the different basic criteria for becoming host families. New digital technologies now offer the possibility of holding meetings remotely, thus facilitating information sharing.
For the president and chief executive officer of CISSS des Laurentides, Mrs. Rosemonde Landry, the need for foster families for this clientele remains an important issue: “Even during a pandemic, our teams continue to work. Since the schools reopened, our staff has resumed their activities in a more sustained manner. Our children need you. Help us provide them with a healthy and safe environment. “