The MRC Thérèse-De Blainville declares its solidarity with the Ukrainians

During their meeting on March 23, the members of the council of mayors of the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville unanimously adopted a resolution to declare their solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

In addition to its expression of sympathy for the people of Ukraine who are going through great suffering, the MRC condemns in the strongest terms the illegitimate invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which began more than two months ago.


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Likewise, in its statement, the MRC opposes any form of repression of civilians and peoples anywhere in the world. Through its resolution, the MRC officially joins its voice to that of the Fédération québécoise des municipalités, which launched a mobilization call to the 1,020-member local and regional municipalities.

On the ground, the MRC intends to contribute to the collective and humanitarian effort by providing assistance to the Ukrainian refugees who will be welcomed on its territory.

Creation of a common fund for the MRC for victims of Ukraine

“We are all saddened by the horrors of this war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that is forcing millions of people to leave their country. The atrocities that Russia is inflicting on this neighboring people are unspeakable. Even if this armed conflict seems insoluble to us at the moment, we can act locally to make a difference. This is why, on March 23, by adopting our declaration of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, our council and the constituent cities of the MRC proposed to create a common trust fund, administered by the MRC, to come to the aid of the disaster victims from Ukraine who will arrive on our territory. We wish to express our gratitude in advance to the municipalities of our MRC who will mobilize to contribute to this fund,” declared Eric Westram, prefect of the MRC and mayor of Rosemère.

In addition, the MRC will be able to count on its partner ABL immigration to facilitate the reception and

harmonious integration of Ukrainian refugees on its territory. According to the 2016 Statistics Canada census, more than 42,000 people of Ukrainian origin live in Quebec. This number will certainly increase by the expected arrival of many Ukrainian refugees.

Citizens who wish to participate in the solidarity effort for Ukrainians Citizens and want to volunteer or contribute to the efforts to welcome Ukrainians arriving in Quebec, can donate essential goods, by

contacting the Quebec section from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) website at The Ukrainian Canadian Congress will take care of the distribution of goods and

redirect offers of volunteering or housing as needed.

Citizens can also donate money to the Relief Fund set up by the Canadian Red Cross to help people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine: