The RIPTB, partner of the 2021 Peace Officers Torch Run campaign

The Run (CAF) is launching a visibility campaign today, together with the Association of Quebec Police Directors (ADPQ), aiming to publicize its mission for the benefit of Special Olympics Quebec (OSQ) and to demonstrate the collective commitment of Quebec police officers and peace officers to this cause.
As of May 10th, police services, including the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-de Blainville, will affix stickers representing the logo of the Peace Officers Torch Race on their police vehicles. In addition to contributing to the enhancement of the police function and that of peace officers among the general public, this major operation represents an important step towards affirming CAF’s commitment to its community and to special Quebec athletes.
This campaign, launched in the heart of Police Week, precedes the Torch Relay, a significant event for CAF which will take place on June 17 across the province. In this one, several friendly races will be organized there by the various police services and peace officers in order to raise funds for OSQ, in compliance with the sanitary measures in force.
“It is with great pride that the Association of Quebec Police Directors is committing to this visibility campaign. Quebec police directors wish to emphasize the social commitment of their police officers in their community. Together, we have made the promotion of the police profession a priority. In this police week, a big thank you to all the peace officers in the province for their daily commitment ” said Pierre Brochet, president of the ADPQ | Director, Laval Police Department
Each year, in collaboration with the police, CAF organizes a multitude of fundraising activities while raising public awareness of the cause of people living with an intellectual disability.
Special Olympics Quebec has been offering throughout the year, throughout Quebec and for 40 years, training programs and a network of competitions for more than 8,000 athletes, aged 2 and over, who have an intellectual disability. Sports programs offered in 17 disciplines aim to improve the physical condition, self-esteem and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.