Citizen consultation workshops continue by attendance

As part of the consultation process aimed at revamping the urban plan and urban planning by-laws, the City of Saint-Eustache invited the population to two participatory workshops, which will take place on October 26 and December 7, at 7 p.m., at the Multisport Complex, located at 85, rue Grignon, in Saint-Eustache.

In the first workshop on October 26th which is intended to be dynamic and interactive, participants will work in subgroups to validate and improve the findings or issues identified during the compilation of the online survey results. They will have the opportunity to give their opinion and their comments in order to fuel the discussion. In the second workshop on December 7th, participants will be presented with the first draft of the urban plan for discussion and comments.


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Citizens residing or working on the territory of the city of Saint-Eustache, owners of businesses or industries, farmers, and members of interested Eustachian community organizations were invited to register online. The city informed us that the number of places was limited and that the registration form closed when the maximum number of places was reached, or no later than October 19.

These workshops constitute the second phase of public consultation on this subject, initiated by the online survey on Imaginons Saint-Eustache, to which more than 210 people responded, between August 18 and September 18.

“This overhaul is major for the development of our territory, and that is why I invite the population to participate in large numbers. The urban plan, as we will present it, is the guide that will orient the City’s actions for several years. Now is the time to play an active role and contribute together to shape our city of tomorrow,” said the mayor of Saint-Eustache, Mr. Pierre Charron before the closing of the registration process.

“This second phase of consultation will allow the City to know and hear the concerns and expectations of the people of Saint-Eustache, to define the vision and orientations that will be put forward in the new urban plan. We only have to think about the size of the land, the protection of natural environments, the planting of trees, parking, and so on! concluded Mr. Patrice Paquette, municipal councilor and president of the Commission for Land Use Planning and Housing.

What is an urban plan?

An urban plan is a planning document establishing the guidelines for the spatial and physical organization of a municipality, while presenting an overall vision of the development of its territory. This plan includes the vision and major development orientations of the territory of the municipality, land use and uses, transportation and traffic networks as well as specific planning sectors.