Town of Rosemère Reopening Playground Equipment and Water Play Areas

As part of its gradual and cautious approach in dealing with the pandemic, the Town of Rosemère will be reopening its playground equipment and water play areas to children, starting Friday June 5th.
The Town is asking residents to continue to be careful and is encouraging them to follow the Public Health authorities’ guidelines of maintaining social distancing of two (2) meters, wearing a face covering, whenever possible, and bringing hand sanitizer gel with them to the playground. Reminders of these recommendations will be posted in each playground area.
“We are delighted to reopen our playground equipment and water play areas to young people. After a number of weeks of confinement, they need to get active and have fun! We are concerned about our residents’ health and that is why we are asking parents to continue to increase their children’s awareness so that they strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Public Health authorities in order to keep the risks of spreading the virus to a minimum,” stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.
In addition, as planned on the Town’s calendar of events, the municipal pool is scheduled to reopen to residents on June 20. However, no swimming lessons will be given and only a limited number of swimmers will be allowed in the pool at the same time. A reservation system, just like for tennis courts, will be set up, for hour-long use of the pool.
Change to the skatepark reservation system
In order to facilitate access to the skatepark, the Town has decided that as of Saturday morning, the online reservation system for the skatepark will no longer be used. The on-site monitor will make sure there is no more than 10 youngsters in the skatepark at a time. In the event that more than 10 people come to use it, a 20-minute rotation system will be enforced.
It should also be noted that since May 20, the tennis and pickleball courts for singles practice and the Bouthilier Marsh trail have been reopened to residents.
0% interest rate on unpaid tax bills for residents and merchants until September 1
Given the many financial impacts of the pandemic on Rosemerites’ revenues, the Town has decided that no interest will be charged on unpaid tax bills for residents and merchants until September 1 or until a new resolution is adopted by Town Council in this regard.
Even though the administrative offices are open, the Town encourages residents to drop off their cheques in the Town Hall mailbox, send it by mail or pay their bill online on their financial institution’s website.