Transport hub in Faubourg Boisbriand

The City of Boisbriand will develop an intermodal hub in the Faubourg sector, i.e. a site where different modes of active and collective transport will converge, such as rental electric bicycles, an electric shuttle system to stations and bus service.

“This is a long-term project that will change the face of Boisbriand. This intermodal, or urban mobility hub, responds to an increasingly pressing need to reduce our use of solo cars by offering citizens practical options in terms of transport and mobility. The development of this pole is in addition to the possible realization of other public transport projects,” says Mayor Marlene Cordato.


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Over the next year, a study aimed at the development of this hub will be carried out, including an opportunity study for sustainable modes of transport and strategic planning of urban and regional public transport, as well as the development of a preliminary concept focused on the environmental performance of the proposed site and based on the results of a citizen consultation.

As a first step, a self-service electric bicycle station will be offered to citizens. This is a pilot project that will be carried out in collaboration with IVÉO, an organization that works with the City to deploy sustainable mobility solutions in the territory.

The hub will be located halfway between the residential Faubourg and the commercial Faubourg, which will promote multi-clientele use.

The Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) will contribute financially to this study to the tune of $ 100,000 thanks to the Metropolitan Development Fund. Mobility partners, namely the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM) and the Exo transport network, will also be involved.