Unexpected Resignation of Town Councillor Carla Brown Leaves Rosemère in Transition

Rosemère recently witnessed the unexpected resignation of Town Councillor Carla Brown. Brown, who held Seat 2 on Rosemère’s Town Council, formally submitted her letter of resignation to the Town Clerk’s Office on January 15th, with immediate effect. The official announcement of her resignation was made at the Town Council meeting on January 22, where Mayor Eric Westram read aloud her letter of resignation.

In her heartfelt letter, Carla Brown cited personal and family considerations as the driving force behind her decision. She emphasized the importance of respect, not just for others but also for oneself, and expressed her gratitude for the trust placed in her during her term in office. Brown took the opportunity to thank the Administration, Town Management, and her fellow Council members for their unwavering support, acknowledging the valuable experiences and lessons she gained during her time in office.


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Carla Brown’s tenure as a Town Councillor was marked by her dedication to community welfare, most notably her instrumental role in the development of the new MADA – Family policy. Brown initially served on the steering committee as a resident before her election in 2021. Her commitment and passion for this vital issue in Rosemère’s community played a pivotal role in translating policy goals into tangible results. The Town of Rosemère recognized her professionalism and contribution, emphasizing the positive impact she had on the community.

Mayor Eric Westram expressed his gratitude to Carla Brown for her energy and dedication in making Rosemère a caring and compassionate community. Her deep knowledge of the local community proved to be an invaluable asset during decision-making processes. He wished her success in her future endeavors, highlighting the impact she had on Rosemère during her term.

Carla Brown had been serving as Councillor since the municipal elections of November 2021. With her resignation, the Town of Rosemère will need to organize a by-election to fill Seat 2. This will be a significant event for the town, as residents and candidates prepare for the electoral process that will determine the next representative to continue the work begun by Carla Brown.