The director of the Territorial Planning and Sustainable Development Department, Nathalie Legault, presented the urban plan to the citizens.

More than 225 Rosemère residents met at the public consultation held at the Memorial Community Center on January 16. This citizen participation allowed residents to ask questions and express themselves on the new urban plan and its regulations, which were presented at the beginning of the evening. Thanks to the comments and opinions collected throughout the question period, the municipal council can continue its work with a view to the subsequent adoption of the plan and its by-laws.

Having had no major objections or modifications to the following regulations: site planning and architectural integration plan (PIIA), minor exemptions, specific projects for the construction, modification or occupation of a building (PPCMOI ), construction as well as permits and certificates, the municipal council will proceed with the adoption of these by-laws. By proceeding in this way, the council wishes to reduce certain delays in obtaining permits for the upcoming work season.


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With respect to the adoption of the final urban plan and the zoning, subdivision and fees for parks and green spaces funds, the Town of Rosemère intends to follow the stages of the adoption process which include, the adoption of by-laws by the municipal council, the transmission of these by-laws to the MRC of Thérèse-De Blainville and the public notice of the coming into force of the by-laws. The final plan will therefore be adopted later to give the various stakeholders time to improve the plan based on the comments received during the public consultation on Monday January 16th. Citizens will be informed in advance of the adjustments made and of the date of adoption of the urban plan and the aforementioned regulations.

“We thank Rosemère residents for coming out in such large numbers, and for expressing their opinions and concerns with exemplary respect. We can thus continue the process aimed at adopting the new urban plan,” underlined the mayor of Rosemère, Eric Westram.

The old golf course was mentioned several times during this evening. The City recalled that an area along Labelle Boulevard currently allows development, and has done so since 2015, and that another area is under the aegis of an interim control by-law from the Montreal Metropolitan Community. A status quo is therefore essential.