Workshops for self-employed North-Shorites

The Thérèse de Blainville chamber of commerce is organizing a series of workshops to help local self-employed citizens to gain confidence and fully assume their roles as entrepreneurs. Among other goals of this initiative is to reach self-employed people to structure the development of their business by focusing their energy on relevant actions and resources, clarify their business objectives, develop their entrepreneurial skills, discuss with entrepreneurs with similar realities, discuss themes specific to self-employed workers and help grow their business.

This initiative by the CCITB offers 6 discussion workshops dealing with entrepreneurial skills, challenges and practical exercises, 3 practical workshops allowing entrepreneurs to effectively manage their growth and access to a supportive network and to a support and exchange group


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Content of the course

Develop entrepreneurial skills and acquire a confident and assumed attitude

Integration of the Espace Solo course

An individual exploratory meeting to prepare for the course

A short telephone meeting followed by a self-assessment grid to address expectations and better situate the points to be worked on.

Access to 6 virtual sessions of 3:30 in the company of entrepreneurs with similar realities

These sessions rich in exchanges will allow people to address themes unique to the reality of self-employed workers, such as: discovering their role as an entrepreneur, learning to say no, identify their customer benefits to build their personal brand, maintain balance, master the impostor syndrome, etc.

Challenges and practical exercises between sessions

Between each meeting, participants will receive exercises, links and other documents to start their thought process or to continue to grow and come back strong with the group. Entrepreneurial know-how and acquisition of valuable skills to increase profitability will be developed according to the organizers.

Two 3-hour virtual workshops to guide self-employed people in negotiating and pricing their services will be offered as well. These 2 workshops will help better communicate values and increase incomes. Healthier relationships with money and with profit and more fruitful and lasting relationships with customers will be the results according to the CCITB!

In the 1st workshop, entrepreneurs will be helped to have a better relationship with money, to recognize their value in order to charge it at a fair price, to face customer objections with ease and to discover the right tools to present and sell their services with confidence.

In the 2nd workshop, concepts seen in workshop 1 will be practiced from concrete examples experienced in participant’s companies. This exercise will allow the participants to find the solutions and the winning strategies for them in order to sell and price their services with confidence.

Finally, a 3-hour virtual workshop to clarify and specify the tax standards related to independent practice will be offered

Taxation is a headache for many: government requirements, employment insurance, incorporation, eligible expenses, etc. This workshop will answer all questions so that participants can adopt good habits and move forward with optimism.

These workshops will take place from the 13th of October to the 15th of December 2021