$48 million for the public library sector

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Ms. Nathalie Roy, announced that the increase in the amounts allocated to autonomous public libraries (BPA) and centers Regional Public Library Services (CRSBP) is maintained. Financial assistance of over $ 23.5 million is therefore granted to BPAs for the 2021-2022 period and nearly $ 24.7 million is allocated to CRSBP for the next 3 years. She made the announcement at the Rosemère public library with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Eric Girard.
The Minister announced in July 2020 an improvement in the budgetary envelopes devoted to the acquisition of books; increases which were respectively 32% for BPA and 50% for CRSBP.
This involves 175 BPAs, spread across Quebec, which will thus benefit from a total assistance of $ 23,520,000 allocated within the framework of the call for projects program for the development of the collections of autonomous public libraries of the Ministère de la Culture. and Communications. This aid will enable the BPAs to enrich their collections and improve their management. It will also promote the purchase of Quebec books and the free subscription to the public library service for users.
For their part, the 11 CRSBPs will obtain a total annual assistance amounting to $ 8,227,357 through the Operating Assistance program for regional public library service centers. The sum of $ 24,682,071 will thus be paid to them on a three-year basis.
Through this funding, the Government of Quebec wants to enable BPAs and CRSBPs to develop and enrich their collections of books and documents, for the benefit of the citizens they serve. The assistance granted to the CRSBPs for the support of the mission will also be devoted to the offer of services, resources, training and technological infrastructure to the affiliated libraries of their network.
An amount of $88,400 was allocated to the Rosemère library to enrich its collection of books and documents for the benefit of the citizens they serve.
“Public libraries are places that offer citizens privileged access to culture and learning, and that put them in touch with all facets of the arts. They are also friendly places that contribute to their personal development. Our government recognizes the essential role of public libraries in democratizing access to culture and knowledge. Quebeckers can be proud of this network which ensures the distribution and influence of Quebec books and which is an important link in the book chain in Quebec. ” said Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications