Boisbriand initiating a public consultation process

The City of Boisbriand is inviting citizens to participate in citizen consultations on a project at 305, Montée Sanche. The request concerns an amendment to the urban plan and zoning by-law in order to allow the construction of a residential building with 16 apartments.
“Citizen participation has been at the heart of our actions for several years. The approach for 305, Montée Sanche differs in form, since it is part of the new Public Participation Policy in Urban Planning adopted in 2019, but the essence remains the same: inform and involve. citizens, listen to them and take their opinions into account,” emphasized Mayor Marlene Cordato.
The consultations will be broken down into three activities. Due to the health crisis, they will be held virtually and in writing.
Activity 1: Online information session | September 9, 7 pm
Citizens can log in to the session the same evening, starting at 6:45 pm It will be possible to make comments or ask questions live.
Activity 2: Online participatory design workshop | October 6, 7 p.m.
The workshop consists of the review of the project design. It will allow participants to formulate their comments on the realization of the project in the form proposed. registration Online or by phone is required.
Deadline: September 24
Activity 3: Consultation in writing | October 6 to 21
People will be able to send written comments or ask questions relating to the entire project through a form online by mail at 940, boulevard de la Grande-Allée, Boisbriand (QC) J7G 2J7 or directly at the town hall.
Feedback Report | January 2021
A feedback report on the consultations will be submitted at the latest during the municipal council meeting in January 2021. The citizen orientation that emerges will be considered in the decision of elected officials to move forward or not with the proposed modifications to town planning regulations.
To ensure compliance and impartiality, external consultants will oversee the process.
For more information, see the Public participation (town planning) section