Lorraine chooses 60 “Coup de cœur” properties

In order to underline the contribution of the people of Lorraine to the development and embellishment of the territory, members of the beautification committee traveled the streets of Lorraine from June 29 to July 15 to select 60 “Coup de cœur” properties. Employees and elected officials have already started installing a poster on the front of the selected properties and will be handing out a door hanger to the owners to mark the occasion.

The mayor of Lorraine, Jean Comtois, underlines: “The members of the committee faced a great challenge, that of deciding among the magnificent developments, which are very numerous on our territory! No doubt, the Lorrainers have their environment at heart and take great care to embellish their terrain. Congratulations to the citizens whose property has been chosen, and thank you to the entire population for contributing to the beautification of our city every year.”


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On the occasion of the Council Meeting of August 18, a drawing will be held among the 60 selected properties to determine six winners of gift certificates worth $ 100 each, redeemable at the garden center Dion in Sainte-Thérèse. The City of Lorraine would also like to thank the Dion Garden Center, proud partner of this beautification contest.

The general appearance of the property, the quality of the landscaping as well as the presence and variety of trees, shrubs and grasses were among the selection criteria.